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I, Predator: FAQs

Q- What is I, Predator?

A- I, Predator is the ultimate free game of speed, strength, and killer instincts! You get to become one of nature’s most fine-tuned killing machines and overwhelm the world’s stealthiest prey. Use the strength and prowess of real-world predators to stalk your victim across grasslands and ocean kelp forests in a fast-paced, action-packed battle for survival!

In conjunction with Animal Planet, Kuma Games unleashes the official companion game to the upcoming television show I, Predator

Q-Do I have to pay to play?

A- No! I, Predator is a free, ad sponsored game, so you get to eat (or be eaten) at no cost to you!!

Q- Who created I, Predator the game?

A- There are a lot of firsts for I, Predator the game & TV series. For the game- this the first ever First-person “biter” ever created! For the TV show- it's the first time a TV show has ever been based on a video game concept, as well as the first time a game CGI has been used in a show!

Q- Why was the game created?

Animal Planet & KUMA Games teamed up to create a multi-platform experience for viewer to be absorbed into the world of predator and prey and become one with the killer. The audience gets to watch the show and than take the experience to the next level by joining in the on-line I, Predator game which picks up where the television program leaves off!

Q- Why do I have to eat & drink, surface for air, and all of those other life-sustaining tasks in the game?

A- We wanted to make I, Predator a realistic experience for players, one where players live and compete as predator and prey - escaping capture, finding sustenance, and exploiting the weaknesses of other animals in an effort to survive and earn points to elevate their status.

You need to make sure your needs are being met to maintain your stamina and strength, just like in the real world. Sharks would die if they stopped moving, cheetahs can't survive without eating, and neither can you.

Q- Any hints & tips for us?

A- Yes, tons... Check them out here.