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I, Predator :Hints & Tips

Welcome to I, Predator! Use the strength and prowess of real-world animals to stalk your victims or evade the enemy. You'll enter the game with up to 10 people, as either a cheetah or an antelope. All players get a turn as the lone cheetah, as the predator becomes prey after each game cycle or when he dies from starvation.

Great White Shark vs. Cape Fur Seal

Dive into ferocious fighting as sharks and seals bloody the ocean waters! Play as a Great White predator or its slippery target, the Cape Fur Seal, in fast and fierce underwater games.

Who will be the ultimate survivor? Hopefully, you!

Winning the game:

To win the game, avoid being eaten or starving, and don't forget Sharks, to catch the most prey!

Hint: Your animal ranks according to varying attributes: health, attack, speed, senses, and camouflage.
Change the attribute selection by using your middle mouse wheel.

Staying Alive:

Seals will drown if they don’t surface. Sharks will drown if they don't move. Find and catch prey to evolve.

Tip for Seals:
Earn experience points and sustenance from fish pools.
Get a speed boost from hitting the Shift key when close to another seal.

Tips for Sharks:
Earn experience points and sustenance from seals and seal pieces.

Attack a seal from the front or side to cause greater damage, or attack a seal out of water for an instant breach kill.

Steal food from other sharks for experience points, sustenance, and to deduct points from the other shark.

Cheetah vs. Antelope

Take it on the run, baby! Patient stalking leads to a fast-action chase through the savannah, and a bloody battle you can only win with speed and stamina!

How to Win the fight

To win, control all five awards or have the highest score when the time is up!

Playing as a Cheetah

Cheetahs can stalk using the CTRL key. when a cheetah stalks in certain grassy areas, it becomes transparent and more difficult to see.

Hint: Attacking antelopes allows the cheetah the opportunity to eat and prevent starvation. Hold "R" to eat a fallen gazelle.

Playing as an Antelope

When a cheetah is nearby, an icon will start flashing near your head. The size of the icon is inversely proportional to the predator's distance. A Red icon indicates that the predator is dangerously close.

Prey win awards for most grazing, largest herd, and most joust wins. Predator earns awards for most male kills and longest time surviving.

Jousting & Fighting, oh my!
How to Joust

The object of a joust is to reduce another player’s joust points to zero. Engage another antelope by attacking them with MOUSE 1 from either the side or front. The first two joust points may be taken away without engaging in an antler lock, but the final and winning blow must be from the front, placing both players in an antler lock.

Hint: Jousting allows a player to steal another player's doe adding it to his/her herd.
Hint: Losing a joust between antelopes reduces the loser's joust points. When they reach zero, they lose a member of their herd to the player to whom they lost their last joust.

You can earn the jousting award by successfully winning a joust.

How to Win the Antler Lock Contest

Earn the survivor award by successfully living for three minutes as the Cheetah. Only a single player may hold the award.

An Antelope Has to Eat: Grazing!

Grazing areas are located in green grass represented by the grazing award icon and meter. The meter represents how much grass has been eaten. When in a grazing area, hold "R" to eat. You will notice your HUNGER METER begin to fill up.

Hint: Earn the grazing award after you have grazed at least 300 points.

Tip: Grazing prevents an antelope player from starving. The larger a player's herd, the faster a grazing area is depleted. Players may earn an additional doe from grazing. Be advised that cheetahs can hide in grazing areas.

Drinking from the Pool o' Stamina.

Drinking restores your stamina. Once in the water, hold "R" to drink until your Stamina meter is full.

Lion vs. African Buffalo

As king of the jungle you crave the lean cuisine of buffalo, but if you’re not stealthy, the prey’s ultra keen senses may leave you roaring for more.

How to win!

During team play, if the lions kill a buffalo before the time limit they win the round. Buffalo, however, win by working together and not getting eaten. Winning team needs to win 2 out of 3 rounds.

To win the round, lions need to take down any buffalo. The buffalo need to survive and fend off attack

Hint: Use team work to win!

Hint: Both lions and buffalo have an "Alpha" leader, and that leader has a special ability. The Alpha lion has the "roar" ability, which regenerates stamina for all lions within a certain radius. The alpha buffalo has a healing ability which restores HP to all buffalo within the Alpha's radius.