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How to Play Episode 1: Great White Shark V. Cape Fur Seal

Welcome to I, Predator, the brain child of KUMA Games and Animal Planet!

So you’ve decided to take on the slippery underworld of the mighty predator, the Great White Shark and its prey, the slippery Cape Fur Seal?

Before you being the ultimate fight for survival, here are some things you need to know when playing:

What’s my motivation?!

Each player has a turn to play as both the Great White Shark and Cape Fur Seal. As the prey population increases, so do the sharks. When a shark dies from starvation he becomes a seal. To win the game, avoid being eaten or starving, and catch the most prey.

Keep in mind, you will have to eat and surface for air, just like animals in the wild. Seals will drown if they don’t surface. Sharks will drown if they don't move. Find and catch prey to evolve. Your animal ranks according to varying attributes: health, attack, speed, senses, and camouflage.

How to Play Episode 2: Cheetah V. Antelope

Use the strength and prowess of real-world animals to stalk your victims or evade the enemy. You'll enter the game with up to 10 people, as either a cheetah or an antelope. All players get a turn as the lone cheetah, as the predator becomes prey after each game cycle or when he dies from starvation.

How to Play Episode 3: Lion V. African Buffalo

As king of the jungle you crave the lean cuisine of buffalo, but if you’re not stealthy, the prey’s ultra keen senses may leave you roaring for more.


If you enter the game as the lion, your goal is to kill the buffalo before the time limit. Buffalo, however, win by working together and not getting eaten. Winning team is best out of three rounds.


I, Predator is best played with a mouse and keyboard. You may change any default key for movement, communication, and others when in the game by pressing the ESC key, then choosing OPTIONS Keyboard.

Default Keys:

W Move Forward Mouse 1 Pounce/Bite/Charge/Power Struggle
A Move Left Space Jump K Voice Chat
S Move Back Ctrl Duck Y Chat Message
D Move Forward Shift Sprint U Team Message
R Drink/Graze/Eat Z Alpha Male Ability

Power Struggle:

Attack with Mouse 1 to engage in a Power Struggle- When the bar appears above your head, use mouse 1 to get as close to the target box as you can . Note: Target box gets bigger, the higher your stamina is.